• Amateur java developer

  • Passionate about development and networking

  • Specialized in Spigot and BungeeCord development


About me


Hello, I'm Samuel also known as Zaral. I'm a non-professional Java developer. I have been working in the field for more than 2 year and I would like become a professional developer in the future.
I worked on multiple game servers, I manage a team of developers for a server who may contains more than 600 players in peak.
I make also my own programs when the envy takes me

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Java development

Database knowledge

Linux knowledge

Minecraft server knowledge

- My Services -

By being endowed with expertise on several topics, I am able to provide you the following services:


You have an idea and you want realize it ?
I can code it for you, just tell me what do YOU want !

Server management

You have any problem in your game server or you want help to setup your network ? I can do it for you !


You have a question to optimize your code/network ? You need information about the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) ?


Contact with mail soon !